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Storage Bulletin - October 2016

Publication Date: 
14 October 2016

Storage Bulletin - October 2016

What's your priority?

With harvest continuing apace, please don’t forget about those crops already in storage!

Having a clear sense of priority for each crop is an important aspect of effective store management, especially when the pressure is on from a workload perspective.

First of all, let’s consider fresh crops. These should be coming towards the end of the harvest period and temperatures will be being pulled down quickly using whatever means available to arrest the development of black dot and silver scurf. The key to success is effective heat removal and maintaining the crop in a dry condition. If CIPC sprout suppressant is deemed necessary, then this should be applied within three weeks of harvest and before the crop reaches 7ºC. Just the one application is permitted so it is important to get it on well; avoid running fridges for 24 hours before treatment and just leave recirculation fans on to remove any temperature gradients.

Processing crops should be being kept dry, cooled more steadily (around 0.3ºC/day on average) and, again, it will be important to get CIPC on early for maximum efficacy. Remember that the maximum dose is down to 42g/t this year as we move towards the pan-European rate of 36g which will be allowed from next season.

Seed crops tend to have longer loading periods, on average, so here it is important to control the pull down and avoid building up big temperature differences between the crop already in the store and the crop coming in, otherwise condensation is at risk of forming on the cooler crop. This risk also needs to be managed when crops are being taken out of store or returned after grading, as will be the case in short term storage e.g. for export markets.

Finally, if this turns ugly towards the end of harvest, then wet and cold potatoes will benefit most from drying and curing. Drying using high volumes of air helps to reduce the risk of bacterial spread. Curing will be important if temperatures plummet as it takes longer for wounds to heal, as can be seen from the table below:


Storage Snippets

Diseases guidance

A wide range of differing fungal diseases have appeared in samples sent to SBCSR this season; amongst them so far have been black dot, blight, pink rot, violet root rot and watery wound rot. Check out symptoms of any problems you spot with our online Pests & Diseases Tool at or order one of our free Disease Wall Posters by calling 01406 351444.

Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group information (PICSG)

For any store managers contemplating CIPC treatments, the latest information on CIPC stewardship and best practice is available at The site also carries advice on how to ‘Be 2017 Ready’. And watch out for news of a new booklet which will be published early in the New Year to accompany more detailed guidance from PICSG on the use of ‘active recirculation’ as part of the CIPC application process.

CHAP stores completed

SBCSR has seen completion of ten new 6-tonne capacity storage units as part of its commitment to the new Crop Health & Protection (CHAP) Innovation Centre. The stores will be operated by CHAP Ltd and are now involved in a testing and commissioning programme.

Further details of the capability will be available at or call SBCSR on 01406 351444.

Airflow prediction moving closer

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SBCSR is actively engaged in a piece of multi-partner research jointly funded by industry and Innovate UK which is striving to accurately predict airflows in potato stores using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. This offers great potential to be able to enhance performance of existing stores, a major objective of AHDB’s current Storage 2020 campaign.           

The trial runs until June 2017; we will keep you updated on developments!


Forthcoming events

Seed Industry Event, St Andrews, 3 November 2016

A packed programme of presentations supplemented by workshops which include sessions on blackleg and storage. Go to

SBCSR BASIS (Stored Potatoes) Course, 12 January 2017. Exam: 27 January 2017
A one day course with a formal exam a couple of weeks later. Limited places. Hurry! Call 01406 359419 for details.

SBCSR Store Managers’ Course, nr Stoneleigh, Warwicks. 1 & 2 February 2017
Remains a provisional date for the diary; further booking information to follow soon. Please register your interest by calling 01406 351444.

AHDB Storage Forum, Scotland, 9 March 2017
Another diary date. Venue and programme details to be announced.

SBCSR Storage Showcase, 8 June 2017
A major knowledge exchange day on all things storage, to be held at Sutton Bridge. Save the date. Further information to follow shortly!

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