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27 September 2018

Unusual blemish spotted

The extremely hot weather this summer has resulted in an unusual blemish showing up for the first time in several years. Golding blotch is associated with very warm growing conditions and results in an orange brown superficial discolouration, most commonly on the underside of tubers in the ridge.

  • Blemishes have a clear but irregular edge
  • Individual lesions may extend across up to half of the tuber surface
  • Symptoms are present at harvest but don’t develop further
  • No fungal structures are associated with golding blotch

See for photos.

Next Generation visit








SBCSR recently hosted the latest cohort of the AHDB Potatoes Next Generation programme. An introductory talk followed by a tour of the facilities given by SBCSR storage specialists provided the group with an overview of the importance of storage and ongoing research projects.

The programme runs every two years and aims to help develop future leaders for our industry and give them exposure to the wider supply chain. For further information about the programme and application, contact Jimmy Phillips.

New potato book

A new book in two volumes entitled ‘Achieving sustainable cultivation of potatoes’ has recently been released by Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing.

Volume 1 (edited by Dr Gefu Wang-Pruski) is focused on breeding, nutritional and sensory quality of potato. Volume 2 (edited by Dr Stuart Wale) covers production, storage and crop protection. The latter features a chapter on post-harvest/storage written by Adrian Briddon, Adrian Cunnington & Glyn Harper of Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research.

Go to for further information.

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