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Store improvements increase savings

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27 September 2018

Storage experts from SBCSR and the potato industry contributed to the Storage in Scotland Day recently held in Perth,providing practical tips and advice to growers and agronomists on store management strategies for the coming season.

The key message from Taygrow director Ewan Stark (right) was to “put as much energy into crop storage as crop growth” if growers want to achieve the best possible results for their crop. He highlighted the need for good planning ahead of store loading and the need for regular assessment of crop condition in relation to market needs.

John Hutchison, store manager at Greenvale AP emphasised the value of store audits such as StoreCheck, a service provided by SBCSR as part of its Storage 2020 Campaign. This type of service is crucial to identify aspects of store infrastructure and management requiring improvement.  Greenvale was able to reduce stores’ electricity consumption by 42% in the space of three months and achieved a return on investment in just five years, thanks to the installation of new insulation and ventilation systems.

Adrian Cunnington, AHDB’s Head of Crop Storage Research, provided further examples of how storage efficiency can be achieved by adapting drying, pull down and airflow strategies and updated the audience on the current position with sprout suppression.

Seed quality was also on the agenda, with Glyn Harper’s presenting a series of AHDB-funded research project focusing on storage and agronomy regimes and latent disease infection during seed storage and transit.

Read more information about Sutton Bridge CSR's StoreCheck service here

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