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Store Managers Guide

Publication Date: 
14 June 2018
Author/Contact :
Adrian Cunnington

3rd Edition, first published 2018

​Key information

  • 48 page easy-read format
  • New simplified checklists
  • Updated data and graphs
  • Links to key tools: AHDB storage cost calculator and Farmbench
  • Download now, print version coming Autumn 2019

Our essential store managers' guide is now in its 19th year of publication with updated advice and data on:

  • airflow analysis
  • respiration rates
  • sprout suppression
  • disease identification
  • condensation control
  • storage tempreatures
  • pull-down rates and more

Download the new verson now to use as a companion to other AHDB tools, such as the storage cost calculator and the free storage advice line.

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