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Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm East Open Day: 18 July 2019

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21 August 2019

An open day was held at James Foskett Farms Ltd on 18 July 2019. The business officially takes over as the host of Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm East on 1 September. The event was an introduction to the farm and covered subjects such as: soil moisture measurement, potato storage, organic production and staff management.

The speakers on the day were:

  • David Wilson: AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager
  • Mike Shapland: Farm Manager at James Foskett Farms Ltd
  • Dr Sophie Churchill: Chair of the Potatoes Sector Board at AHDB
  • Tim Blyth: Director at Soil Moisture Sense
  • Adrian Briddon: Crop Storage Senior Scientist at Sutton Bridge
  • Rob Heywood: Frederick Hiam Ltd (AHDB PMDS graduate)
  • Alex Baines: Granta Farming (AHDB PMDS graduate)

Please use the links below to view an event overview summarising the day. For more detail please click on the link to the technical report which contains more in-depth information about the event.

  • Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm East open day 18 July 2019: event article
  • Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm East open day 18 July 2019: technical report

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