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Safe Potato Operations

Module 2 - Harvesting

29 April 2013

Essential viewing for all workers and managers involved in potato harvesting.

Additional information is available for the person supervising this training session.
To see this additional information Click Here 

It is recommended that temporary (1-2 days) grading workers should be issued with hard copy of the "Grader and Pickers Daily Checklist" from the library section. They do not have to view the harvesting or grading videos but should read, sign and return the checklist before starting work. Signed checklists should be safely kept as formal records. The checklist is available here.

Grading workers working for periods in excess of a few days should view the grading video, take the test and gain the certificate.

Please select the category below that best describes your role. Clicking the start  test button  will start the video and once completed you will be asked a number of multiple choice questions. Succesful completion of the test will entitle you to download a personalised certificate in PDF format for print out.

Note for Farm Managers:
Farm managers are required to complete both the Harvester Driver Test and the Grading Supervisor Test and keep the pass certificates for these filed as a record.