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Research into practice

SPot Farm Feedback

14 December 2016

Real value from making change

AHDB Potatoes’ first Strategic Potato Farm was introduced in spring 2015 as a demonstration of the latest, independent best practice and research, in a real, commercial, field-scale environment.  

This past year (2016-2017) the programme expanded to a total of three sites with an intense summer series of farm walks and open days at all locations. 

We ask for feedback at all of our events, but appreciate it can be helpful to have more time to digest and assimilate the learnings, and properly consider the value of taking time out to attend. 

We’d like to provide you with ample opportunity to feedback and tell us how things are. 

Or even to tell us about why you perhaps didn’t make it. 

The following survey should only take up to 15 minutes to complete and you can skip through questions as you like. 

Your responses will form a huge part of our assessment of the success of the programme and how we might improve things in future years. 

Thank you.

► 2016 Season Feedback Survey