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Best Practice

20 August 2018

Storage management

Sprout suppression

Industry best practice information for the use of CIPC is carried at BeCIPCcompliant

Data from AHDB-funded research has shown that significant gains in airflow circulation (as much as 200%) are achieved through the fitment of air divider curtains or open suction plenums in overhead throw stores. Where positive ventilation is available, eg through a letterbox or Aspire-type suction system, these should always be used. CIPC legislation has required the mandatory use of 'active recirculation' during application since July 2017: full details are available on the BeCIPC Compliant website - follow the link above. To discuss any of the findings of the Sutton Bridge team, please call our advice line on 0800 02 82 111.

A recent store airflow modelling project has helped shed further light on the difficulties in achieving air circulation in box stores.

Health and safety guidance in storage

Disease control & QC

Disease risk management guides include:

A new Disease and Defects poster is available. Single copies can be ordered free of charge by AHDB levy payers from SBCSR. Call Emma Bates on 01406 359419 or email to request a copy.

Levy payers may obtain other AHDB Potatoes literature from the Publications Library