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Technical Information

27 June 2016

Study tour report: AHDB undertook a study tour to Netherlands, Belgium & Germany in February 2016.

A report of that visit is available here.



A wide range of disciplines impact on crop storage and quality including:

Pests & Diseases: SBCSR can provide identification and quantitative assessment of pathogens. Diagnostics include PCR and serological techniques.

Store management: Airflow, design engineering, energy use, environmental control, insulation: optimisation, troubleshooting and auditing.

Sprout control:  A range of active ingredients is now available for use. Whilst CIPC has historically been the primary option for sprout control, other products are now available or close to registration. AHDB Potatoes recently organised a technical forum to review best practice development in this field.

Quality control: Storage conditions

Chemical application: Science and practical use of different application methods; thermal fogging, spraying and misting technologies


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