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  • Consumption and Processing in GB (Annual Trends 1988 - 2012

    Consumption and Processing in GB ('Redbook') analyses supplies and disposals, in terms of production, imports, exports, stocks, seed use and human consumption. Consumption is broken down by major...

  • Pre-family lifestage (Feb 2008)

      A thorough look at this important pre-family lifestage.  Areas covered include their key demographic features, characteristics and needs, food drivers, attitudes to carbohydrates and their ...

  • Potatoes in the credit crunch (Jan 2009)

    A detailed look at the changes in household behaviour triggered by the recession and the effects on potato purchasing and consumption. Qualitative and quantitative research by lifestage looking at...

  • Tracking carbohydrate consumption (May 2009)

    A report looking at changing carbohydrate consumption across lifestages and meal occasions.