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  • Safe Haven Certification Scheme

    Sixty per-cent of British seed is now covered by the voluntary Safe Haven scheme. The Safe Haven Certification Scheme was set up by the British seed industry in 2004 to provide additional...

  • Blackleg and soft rots

    Blackleg is one of the key diseases across all sectors of the potato industry in Great Britain. The disease is caused by a number of bacteria that have the ability to breakdown plant cell walls. They...

  • Aphid Monitoring

    Aphid monitoring is a AHDB Potatoes service, hosted by Fera and introduced in 2004, providing growers with timely aphid capture data on a regional basis. It consists of 100 yellow water traps,...

  • R454 Blackleg Survey

    Aim: To provide information on the bacteria causing blackleg in seed crops. Collaboration FERA Approach A survey of seed potato stocks in England and Wales has been conducted since 2010 with AHDB...

  • R437 Dickeya spp. Affecting GB Potato

    Aim: To improve the understanding of the epidemiology of ‘Dickeya solani’ and to identify the risk of pathogen establishment and spread. Industry Challenge Preliminary research indicates that 'D....

  • R290 Dickeya Populations in England & Wales

    Aim: To compare the different methods available for detection and quantification, to determine whether they are suitable for the detection of all Dickeya spp that can infect potato. Industry...

  • Dickeya Solani Gerry Saddler Pt2

    Dickeya seminar by Gerry Saddler, Part 2. View Part 1.

  • Dickeya Solani Gerry Saddler Pt1

    Dickeya seminar by Gerry Saddler, Part 1. View Part 2.

  • Dickeya Solani Nigel Allam

    Nigel Allam talks about Dickeya

  • Dickeya Solani John Elphinstone

    John Elphinstone talks about Dickeya