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  • Potato Box Handling

    Safe Potato Operations - Potato Box Handling

  • Bulk Potato Handling

    Safe Potato Operations - Bulk Potato Handling

  • Safe Potato Storage

    Safe Potato Operations - Safe Potato Storage

  • R458 Warmer Cold Storage

    Aim: To understand the potential to increase the temperature at which potatoes for the fresh market are stored. Industry Challenge Storage of potatoes for the fresh market is carried out at low...

  • R402 Inverter Use, Air Delivery and Crop Quality

    Aim: To provide independent data on the impact of airflows, particularly in relation to the use of inverters, in relation to store performance with particular reference to changes in patterns of air...

  • R439 Reduced Energy Storage

    Aim: To reduce the energy cost and therefore the carbon footprint, and to assess the validity of existing potato storage carbon footprints and, if necessary recommend how they might be improved....

  • R412 Understanding the Role of Ethylene

    Aim: To provide a greater understanding of the variation in biochemical and physiological changes occurring in different potato varieties after exposure to ethylene. An AHDB Potatoes funded review on...

  • R298 Store Atmosphere and Tuber Quality

    Aim: To determine the effects of different carbon dioxide concentrations with/without ethylene on tuber flavour and texture characteristics.  Industry Challenge A significant issue raised at the...

  • R401 Reducing the Energy Cost of Potato Storage

    Aim: To increase awareness of energy costs and identify options for energy savings. Industry Challenge It is estimated that the total cost of energy used in potato storage is £26M. Collaboration FEC...

  • R266 AssiStore - Decision Support System

    Aim: To provide a system that could be tailored to specific crops and will provide real time analysis of the risks to a crop on the basis of updates on the crop's condition and quality. AssiStore is...