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BP2017 Seminar: Maximising the opportunity for British seed

20 December 2017

Maximising the opportunity for British seed in a changing global market

A panel discussion on British seed’s strengths and opportunities

Panel: Rob Burns, AHDB,  David Murdie, Grampian Growers, Rob Doig, Cathiness Potatoes,  Andrew Manfield

Discussion points:

  • Around ¾ of British seed potato exports go to non-EU countires, but under EU negotiated trade deals. We can expect the landscape to change
  • Our deserved reputation for high-quality, high-health seed will create opportunities
  • Rob Burns, Head of Crop Trade Market Development, said: “We have been working with Government representatives and partners from 10+ non-EU countries this year and expect exports to places such as the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa to increase.”


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