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Fungicides – AHDB Potatoes demonstration, Slingsby

30 September 2013


Fungicides -- Potato Council demonstration, Slingsby

Fungicides – AHDB Potatoes demonstration, Slingsby, North Yorkshire August, 2013
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00.01 John Sarup, in furrow fungicide treatments for control of PCN and free living nematodes
1.33 Trials of Amistar (fungicide) for soil and Seed bourne Rhizoctonia 
4.40 Subliem (fungicide) trials
5.01 Free living nematodes
5.39 Matt Smallwood 2013 conditions for Rhizoctonia and free living nematodes
9.44 Test dig trends from trials
12.16 Nematicides and fry colour
12.50 Emergence results

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