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Harvest 2013 Part 1 Of 3 Vegetables

31 March 2015


Harvest 2013 Part 1 Of 3 Vegetables

Fantastic potato footage well worth watching again on BBC Harvest 2013 Part 1 Of 3 Vegetables.

1. Vegetables: 'The Goodness of the Earth'
Right across our countryside it's harvest time. Gregg Wallace and Philippa Forrester are down on the farm revealing the results of this year's harvest as it comes in. This is the spectacular climax of the farming year, when fortunes are won or lost in the attempt to put food on our plates. Our farmers have spent all year carefully tending their crops helped by the very latest science, but they are still completely at the mercy of our fickle weather. Can they put a disastrous 2012, the coldest spring for 50 years and a scorching July behind them and work their magic to bring in a bumper crop?

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