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Introduction to Strategic Potato Farm (Scotland) May 2016

3 August 2016

Bruce Farms, the multi-facetted Perthshire based agricultural business, is the host for a new project which aims to be of benefit to all of Scotland’s potato growers. 

Bruce Farms, based at Meigle in Perthshire will facilitate the new AHDB Strategic Potato Farm, a practical, farmer-driven project which aims to give growers the opportunity to examine and discuss new techniques and research. 

The SPot Farm project in Scotland will run for 3 growing seasons (2017, 18 and19), with a series of open-days, farm-walks and tailored group visits in each. 

Being ahead of schedule, there is a ‘soft launch’ in the 2016 season where the SPot Farm will host a 24Ha (60acre) field of Maris Piper .

The initial focus will be a simple comparison of different primary and secondary cultivation techniques (bed tilling and stone separating) across the field with the help of precision farming data.  

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