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Primary cultivations – AHDB Potatoes demonstration, Slingsby

30 September 2013


Primary cultivations -- Potato Council demonstration, Slingsby

Primary cultivations – AHDB Potatoes demonstration, Slingsby,  North Yorkshire August, 2013
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00.15 Matt Smallwood SAC consulting: Primary Cultivations – comparing deep ploughing; shallow ploughing; Shakerator; Sumo Trio; and George Moate Tillerstar
06.12 John Sarup, Spud Agronomy discusses ploughing on top
07.23 Host Farmer, Andrew Wilson discusses seasonal implications
08.39 Matt Smallwood discusses the costs associated with the different options
09.11 Andrew Wilson discusses standard practice
10.58 Matt Smallwood penetrometers and soil resistance
14.50 Canopy development and emergence
15.57 Achieving optimal rooting and evaluating the soil profile

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