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  • Royal Hall, central Harrogate

    Due to popular demand, day one of BP2015 will again conclude with a large, informal industry dinner in central Harrogate

  • Chocolate Potato Cake

    Tapping Into New Food Trends

    Food freedom – what’s it all about? Choosing to do things differently, that’s what. Cited as a major food trend to run for the next few years...

  • Laboratory

    The AHDB call for 2016 studentships is now open

    Applications are open for the AHDB studentship programme for projects starting in Autumn 2016. The scheme aims to produce high-quality research outputs, based on original ideas, leading to benefits for the potato industry

  • Future potato industry innovators gather at AHDB

    AHDB Potatoes launched its first ever ‘Next Generation’ programme at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on 11 May, 2015.

  • Keep up to date as events kick-off at the demo farm

    Visit Hannah’s blog for all the latest goings on at the demonstration farm – from soil management and cultivation practices to the latest techniques on managing run off and even some drone tech.


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