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  • Training workshops for the forthcoming season

    Regional workshops in Scotland covering prevention of damage and bruising, the importance of correct harvester setup and critically: how to operate safely this season and minimise risk to staff. 24-26 August.

  • Estimates of planted areas by variety

    Provisional estimates of planted areas by variety for Great Britain for 2016 out now in Potato Weekly, shown with comparisons to the five previous seasons.

  • Your chance to participate

    The ‘Grower Platform’ will bring together like-minded researchers, farmers, agronomists & businesses, to optimise soil & water management decisions & plan environmentally & economically beneficial rotations.

  • Potatoes In Practice

    Hundreds attended Potatoes In Practice - UK's leading potato technical field event, this year with AHDB experts on the positive impact of international collaboration, consumer campaigning & crop storage. 

  • Latest Storage Bulletin Out Now

    On 1 August, the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group released updated guidance for the forthcoming season. Latest CIPC labels and Stewardship guidance for 2016/17 available in August's Storage Bulletin.

WATCH: The first big Open Day at SPot Farm East, Elveden Estates, West Suffolk


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