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  • New guide and video content to help tackle PCN

    AHDB Potatoes has launched a new guide to help potato growers test for Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN), a pest that costs the industry over £25m each year. While our latest video shows how the PCN population is changing. Click here for more

  • Storing this year's crop

    The team at Sutton Bridge has collated a selection of tips on seasonal issues such as in-ridge sprouting, dormancy break and pink rot. There is also the chance to download the new Store Managers' guide, which was updated for 2018

  • AHDB Agronomist Conference 2018

    The AHDB Agronomists’ Conference is a two-day technical conference covering the latest research developments to help agronomists stay ahead of the game.

  • The truth about potatoes

    AHDB has collated a document outlining the scientifically proven truth on the nutritional benefits of the potato. The aim was to 'cut through the noise' and 'bust the myths' on potatoes and health that appear in the mainstream media. Download the guide now

  • Sector, regional and contract data available

    The Potato Data Centre storage dashboard allows you to view an up-to-date picture of the stock-levels in your region, your sector or even in the free-buy and contract sectors. Log-in now to view


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