Fellowship - Development of a succession potato nematologist


The purpose of the nematology fellowship was to employ a fellow for 3 years to work with nematologists at SASA to develop a thorough understanding of the field and the skills necessary to continue as a proficient nematologist in their own right.

The fellow contributed to a project which determined appropriate soil sampling protocols for PCN. There is a key difference in sampling approach according to the purpose of the sampling. This is either: 

  • detection of an early stage infestation; or
  • estimation of the PCN population in later stage infestations.

The conclusions of the work are provided in 1100018 soil sampling final report. They were used to develop the soil sampling protocols in land destined for ware production, that are described in the PCN sampling and laboratory guide. 

As a result of the fellowship, the quality of detection and identification of PCN across laboratories in GB has improved following on from the training provided. The fellow assessed current PCN management practices in GB. As the fellowship was based at SASA there has been a focus on PCN management in Scotland. The fellow carried out a survey of growers’ attitudes to PCN, in conjunction with a visiting student from the Netherlands, and has provided recommendations on limiting the spread of PCN. 

Project code:
01 October 2015 - 30 September 2018
Project leader:
Kim Davie and Jon Pickup


AHDB Nematologist_Final Report 1100018 Soil sampling final report