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15 July 2022

Index of the levy-funded research projects and information on pot plants.

30 June 2021

A combination of cultural and fungicide control measures will provide the best strategy for managing powdery mildews on poinsettia crops.

30 June 2021

Learn more about the pathogens responsible for the various powdery mildews of poinsettia, disease symptoms and optimal conditions for infection to occur.

30 June 2021

Follow the advice in these pages to achieve effective control of powdery mildew diseases on poinsettia crops.

28 July 2020

Poinsettia tracker

29 June 2022

This factsheet brings together the findings of past research projects on energy saving in poinsettia production, and outlines how growers could apply these findings to reduce their energy costs.

25 November 2021

This factsheet examines nutrient programmes for poinsettias focusing on monitoring and the interpretation of growing media and leaf tissue analysis results.