Contents tagged with Strategic Dairy Farm

6 May 2021

This webinar explores how to make the most from your buildings at calving with strategic dairy farmer Tim Downes from The Farm in Shropshire.

11 February 2021

Arthur Owen is joined by consultant Dave Davies of Sileage Solutions for a detailed looked at maximising grass sileage quality

1 February 2021

Join Mathew Jackson and his close business partners as they explore the benefits of share farming

11 January 2021

Strategic dairy farm launch of Myerscough College, an all year round calving farm in Lancashire

30 November 2020

Heanton Barton is our latest all-year-round strategic farm based in North Devon run by Jim Kirk and family.

9 December 2020

how to measure and reduce your carbon footprint and make your farm more efficient.

30 November 2020

Improvements to the dry cow environment have paid huge dividends at Ninezergh Farm following a spike in mastitis in early lactation

1 April 2020

Strategic dairy farmer Arthur Owen gives an update on what’s happening on his farm at the end of March and the changes he’s experiencing as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.