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18 February 2022

Care needs to be taken at every stage of the production system to minimise damage to potato crops.

25 November 2021

The Spray Check guide covers the legislative and practical aspects of spray application using small scale sprayers principally hand-held knapsack sprayers and powered trolley sprayers

30 May 2022

This reference guide provides commercial growers with a useful reference document to help them to achieve high standards of production.

12 August 2020

Read the FAQs we have received about ToBRFV.

12 August 2020

The following lists the ‘best practice’ hygiene and biosecurity procedures identified from the study tours in Europe and Israel.

7 August 2020

Read about standard recommended hygiene practices that should be integrated into your horticultural business.

7 August 2020

Find out the key recommendations for managing ToBRFV from Europe and Israel.

11 November 2019

This commercial store has seen significant improvements in drying time compared with a conventional overhead throw system with the use of a suction wall.

11 November 2019

Turning the fridge through 180 degrees improved ventilation in this UK commercial box store

27 June 2019

This case study summarises the benefits of using StoreCheck, an audit service provided by the AHDB and designed to help understand the true cost of running a store.

12 August 2020

Watch our webinars, which highlight the latest results from the AHDB-funded ToBRFV work.