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8 March 2022

Index of levy-funded research projects & reports on insecticide resistance monitoring in aphid pests of potatoes

4 February 2022

Providing information on how to minimise the risk of insecticide resistance

2 February 2022

The sensitivity of key pest species to insecticides is monitored by this long-term project.

11 November 2021

Research report on the occurrence of pyrethroid resistance in grain aphids

2 February 2022

Three research reports on the management of insecticide resistance in peach-potato aphids

5 January 2022

This web page hosts the latest guidance from the Insecticide Resistance Action Group (IRAG). The 'Download' button provides background. Scroll down for guidance.

21 June 2022

This factsheet provides guidelines on symptom recognition, and information on the biology and management of leaf and bud nematodes in hardy nursery stock.