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18 November 2021

The AHDB Horticulture Crop Walkers’ Guide for Asparagus has been designed specifically as an aid to crop monitoring. It illustrates and describes the important pests, diseases, nutritional and physiological disorders which may be encountered during the crop production process. 

1 June 2022

An easy to use guide to assist growers, supervisors and technical recognise crop issues. 

25 May 2022

The Brassica Crop Walkers' Guide is aimed at assisting growers, agronomists and their staff in the vital task of monitoring crops. It is designed for use in the field to help with accurate identification of pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies and disorders within a crop.

10 March 2022

This factsheet summarises the pest status of mealybug on protected tomato crops in the UK and provides recommendations on how to improve existing control methods

30 May 2022

Your guide to current AHDB crop protection research and how the results can help your business. We take a look at how everyday substances, like sunflower oil and vinegar, have a role to play in crop protection. How market forces, legislation, and research and development are shaping the availability of biopesticides.

6 July 2022

Download the all new look The Grower magazine. Features in this issue include how growers can attract beneficial hoverflies and could biopesticides be the answer to successfully managing pests, diseases and weeds? 

6 July 2022

Download the Grower magazine for Dec/Jan 2018. In this issue we looked at preparing for a leaner future through adopting lean principles to help your business remain sustainable and an insider insight into the Xylella fastidiosa pathogen.

6 July 2022

The Feb/March issue of The Grower is packed with the latest news, industry updates and useful information for growers across the UK. In this issue explore how disruptive mating systems could help combat moth pests, catch up with the tomorrow's scientists and take a insiders sneak peak at soil mapping.

8 June 2021

Learn which pest insects affect carrots and Apiaceous crops and find out how to manage them.

23 September 2021

This factsheet offers best practice guidance on how to manage and control spotted wing drosophila (SWD) in soft and stone fruit crops.

22 March 2022

Simple wall chart identification guide of common pests in Brassica crops including emerging and minor pests.

6 June 2022

The main slug species of UK field crops and options for control