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26 March 2021

This webinar outlines the advantages and attributes of the best performing new raspberry selections and named varieties from the UK Raspberry Breeding Consortium, managed by the James Hutton Institute.

24 May 2022

This guide has been produced to provide soft fruit growers with an easy reference to get the most out of their biocontrol use within an integrated crop management system

30 June 2022

This report explains our knowledge of dormancy in raspberry and a new approach to modelling the dormancy response of floricane cultivars.

29 June 2022

The objective of this project is to produce new summer and primocane-fruiting raspberry varieties for the European industry for both the fresh and processing markets, whilst deploying marker assisted selection to promptly identify important commercial traits.

27 September 2021

Novel approaches to pest and disease control in raspberry crops to reduce reliance upon conventional spray products

12 October 2021

This factsheet provides information on how Verticillium affects raspberry and other cane fruits, how to manage it and options for control.

23 September 2021

This factsheet provides useful information on beetle and weevil pests of cane fruit including raspberry beetle, vine weevil, clay coloured weevil (Figure 2), strawberry blossom weevil, cantharid (soldier) beetle, cockchafer and wireworm (click beetle).

27 September 2021

This factsheet provides a summary of the recognition and biology of sucking insect pests of cane fruit crops and how to manage and control them.

10 March 2022

Read about rot rots of raspberry and other cane fruit

28 April 2022

Dormancy and chilling needs of new raspberry varieties.

29 March 2019

Prototype robotic arm offers hope for commercial raspeberry harvesting

28 April 2022

Vine weevil remains a major pest of soft fruit crops. This factsheet gives practical information on the biology and control of vine weevil in soft fruit crops, drawing on results from research funded by AHDB Horticulture and others.