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15 April 2021

Webinar discussing how farmers have adapted to cope with drought and flooding on their farms and the practical changes made to withstand these weather event

27 August 2020

The protection of container grown nursery stock during the winter months is an essential component of quality production systems. Although recent winters have been relatively mild, a substantial quantity of container stock is frequently lost or downgraded due to winter injury. Such losses are often linked to waterlogged containers, a lack of effective winter protection and, most notably, inadequate conditioning of plants prior to the winter period. This factsheet considers the principal causes of winter damage and details practical measures that growers can take to reduce losses.

2 June 2020

GrasscheckGB farmer, Jack Hanson. He talks about the prolonged dry weather and what plans the farm will be putting in place

2 June 2020

GrasscheckGB farmer gives us an update on the continued dry weather situation on-farm

29 March 2019

Know when to apply control measures using pest modelling and weather data