Endocrine disruptors - collation of potential impacts across all crop sectors to give clear messages on impacts of changing availability on farmers and production


Project summary

As part revision of the pesticide approvals legislation and the implementation of European Union Plant Protection Products (PPP) Regulation (1107/2009) it was identified that endocrine disrupting materials should be classified as a hazard.  However, the definition of endocrine disruptor has been hard to develop.  It is currently anticipated that a number of important agricultural pesticide active substances could be defined as endocrine disruptors. 


Benefits to industry

This work will identify where the main risks to production are as a result of changes in the availability of pesticides as a result implementing the hazard based criteria in relation to endocrine disruptors. 

This information will provide evidence to support the need to maintain certain actives for which there are no alternatives in certain industries and large impacts of losses.  It will also identify areas where research may be needed in the future if actives are lost.

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CP 130
01 August 2014 - 28 February 2015
AHDB Horticulture
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