Vining peas: Extension of variety evaluation trials


The Problem:

PGRO evaluates around 15 vining pea varieties annually at National List stage funded by seedsmen and PGRO Levy and the most promising are evaluated in trials for a further two years before being added to the PGRO advisory leaflet on vining pea varieties. There are no other independent facilities for vining pea evaluation in the UK.  Trials are only undertaken one site at The PGRO trial ground.  The soil type at Thornhaugh represents a small area of the national pea growing production and varieties can often perform differently in other soil types and areas. An extension of the PGRO trials system to include an evaluation of the candidate (Main Trial) commercial varieties at both Thornhaugh (or similar) and in South Lincolnshire sites will add to refine the evaluation process, with additional information to supplement data from established trials.

Project code:
FV 340B
01 March 2015 - 28 February 2018
AHDB Horticulture
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About this project

Aims and Objectives:

(i) Project aim(s): Provide information for the grower on new vining pea varieties when grown on a light silt soil type.
(ii) Project objective(s):
1. Yield relative to a standard at TR100 and TR120
2. Maturity relative to a standard at TR100 and TR120
3. Size-grade specification
4. Haulm length
5. Standing ability at harvest
6. Disease susceptibility to downy mildew (Peronospora viciae)
7. Assessment of frozen produce for colour (uniformity, number of blond peas) and Brix assessment for sweetness.