Carrots: BCGA lead investigation into incidence of cavity spot in commercial crops


Project summary:
This extension to FV373 will build upon results from the original project which documented and analysed the incidences of cavity spot occurring in commercial crops from 2010 to 2012. Further field data will be collected (including soil moisture and temperature) from 30 commercial sites in 2013. The information will be analysed to develop better understanding of the relationships between agro-climatic conditions, crop development and disease expression. This information will help provide insight into the variable success of current control strategies and inform growers of best cultural practice in disease avoidance.
Benefits to industry
Through the BCGA technical panel and other forums the industry has actively participated in the formulation of plans to elucidate the development of cavity spot disease. As a result of FV 373 and other projects, more is now known about this issue and growers are better informed about disease avoidance and management. This work will confirm if previously observed correlations are consistent over a number of seasons.
Cavity spot can cause significant value reduction or complete crop loss over entire fields. At an estimated production cost of £4-5k per hectare plus an estimated £5.5-7k per hectare potential crop revenue, the loss of a single 10ha field could amount to over £100,000 loss. In a bad cavity spot season, severe infections leading to crop loss are estimated to affect 5-10% of crops (approx. 500-1000ha) through the entire production cycle (poly, open ground and straw). Less severe infections, while not causing complete crop loss, can cause significant additional cost due to lower pack-out, slower grading, increased polishing requirement and shorter shelf-life.
The results of this work will be communicated to growers through their active participation in the provision of sites, the feedback of results to individuals, group-based discussions at the BCGA and industry meetings and publications.
Project code:
FV 373a
01 April 2013 - 31 March 2014
AHDB Horticulture
Project leader:


FV 373a_GS_Final_2014 FV 373a_Report_Final_2014

About this project

Aims and objectives:
Project aim
This project aims to further investigate and substantiate the correlations between agro-climatic conditions and cavity spot expression in carrots.
Project objectives
1) To extend FV 373 for one further year.
2) To deliver further information on the occurrence of cavity spot disease in commercial crops and the field conditions which lead to its initiation and development.
3) To regularly update the carrot industry on project progress and disseminate results at suitable intervals during the work.


Communication Objective

The results of this work will be communicated as follows:
a) To growers through their active participation in the provision of sites
b) Through the feedback of results, group-based reports and discussions at the BCGA.
c) Through the client network of Agrovista Plantsystems and Vegetable Consultancy Services to other growers not directly involved in the work or the BCGA meetings.
d) Publication of articles in HDC News and other industry publications where possible.
e) Presentation at industry seminars and conferences will be sought where possible.