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The GrowSave project has been helping horticultural growers save energy for over 10 years by facilitating access to the latest technical information on energy saving techniques and technologies to cut use and cost. As a proportion of business variable costs, energy costs can be considerable, particularly in protected cropping which is where the focus of this project lies, providing information on the proper use of screens in your glasshouse all the way through the best available options for energy production. However, this information can be applied across the horticultural sectors and beyond.

The project is managed by Nathalie Key (Knowledge Exchange Manager for Horticulture), and the GrowSave team consists of the UK’s leading energy specialists from NFU Energy, who have extensive experience of working with growers to reduce energy costs. This means that the information is independent, unbiased and authoritative. By working with a network of industry partners, we give you unique and unrivalled access to the latest information about how the UK’s leading farmers and growers are increasing efficiencies and saving energy.

Sector Cost:

Horticulture: £300,000

Cereals and Oilseeds: £20,000

Potatoes: £20,000

Pork: £5,000

Dairy: £5,000

Cereals & Oilseeds,Dairy,Horticulture,Pork,Potatoes
Project code:
CP 200
01 September 2019 - 01 August 2024
AHDB sector cost:
Total project value:
Project leader:
Nathalie Key


GrowSave Annual Report 2019-20 GrowSave Grain Drying Technology Review 2021 CP 200 GrowSave Annual Report 2020-21 FINAL

About this project

Provide information to growers to help improve energy efficiency, improve sustainable and reduce cost.