Basic substances

‘Basic substances’ can be described as “active substances, not predominantly used as plant protection products but which may be of value for plant protection and for which the economic interest of applying for approval may be limited”.

Criteria for their approval are laid down and specific provisions are set to ensure that such active substances, as far as they do not have an immediate or delayed harmful effect on human and animal health, nor an unacceptable effect on the environment, can be legally used in the EU after having been approved as ‘basic’ under Regulation 1107/2009.

Basic substances are again included in the EU Pesticides Database on active substances. A summary of the approved uses and conditions of approval for a basic substance can be found in the review report, which is available on the page showing the details of that substance.

We’ve listed the basic substances below and you can download the information detailing the application rate and further information.

Basic SubstanceFunctionCrops
Beer Molluscicide All edible and non-edible crops
Calcium hydroxide Fungicide Pome fruit and stone fruit
Chitosan hydrochloride Elicitor

Sugar beet, potatoes, fruit berries & small fruits, vegetables, cereals & spices

Clayed charcoal Protectant Grapevine
Diammonium phosphate Attractant  Orchards, olive & citrus trees
Equisetum arvense L. Fungicide Fruit trees, cucumber & tomato
Fructose Elicitor Apple fruit
Hydrogen peroxide Fungicide, bactericide Tomato, bell pepper, capsicum, lettuce, horticulture flowers
Lecithins Fungicide Fruit trees, gooseberry, market vegetables like cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, endive & ornamentals esp roses, vines
Mustard seed powder Fungicide for seeds treatment Wheat
Onion oil Pesticide Umbelliferous crops
Salix spp. Cortex Fungicide Fruit trees & apple fruit
Sodium Chloride Fungicide Mushrooms
Sodium hydrogen carbonate Fungicide & herbicide Vegetables, soft fruit & ornamentals, apples, fruit & potted plants
Sunflower oil Fungicide  Tomato
Sucrose Elicitor Apple and sweetcorn 
Talc E553B Insectifuge, fungifuge Fruit trees and grapevines
Urtica Spp Insecticide, fungicide & acaricide Fruit trees, bean, potato, leaf vegetables, elder tree, rose, spiraea, cabbage, rape seed, radish, grapevine, cucumber
Vinegar Fungicide and bactericide Market vegetables – carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, tomato, ornamentals
Whey Fungicide Cucumber, zucchini and squash