CO2 best practice guide for protected crops

The CO2 best practice guide has been summarised from several key sources:

It pulls together currently available information and it is acknowledged that advances in production in some cases are posing questions that may not currently have answers because of gaps in validated research. These gaps will be filled as new information becomes available.

This electronic format compiles summaries from available best practice guidance information, as well as providing links to the original information underpinning this guidance to give access to the in-depth information – this includes research which has been commissioned by AHDB Horticulture (formerly known as HDC), Defra (formerly MAFF), other organisations, journal articles and trade press.

This format will allow individual sections to be updated easily following relevant research projects. Whole sections or individual chapters of the guide can be downloaded and individual pages printed.

Whilst information in this guide is prepared from the best available sources, neither the authors, nor the AHDB can accept responsibility for inaccuracy or liability for any loss or damage (direct or indirect) from the application of any concept or procedure mentioned.

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