New Potato – Industry Standard Description

AHDB Potatoes published an industry standard description of ‘New potatoes’ following on from consultation; which can be adopted by businesses if they wish. 

Industry Standard Description: New Potatoes

1. Destined for consumer purchase soon after harvest

  • Allowing for distribution time for both UK and imported crops
  • Allowing for short-term holding of stock to meet demand
  • Soon is defined as the period up to and including which the potatoes can reasonably be expected to retain their specific properties if properly stored

2. Has an immature thin OR scraping skin

  • The skin may have been removed or partially removed in the washing process
  • A scraping skin is removable using a finger nail or blunt knife
  • An immature thin skin may not be removed by scraping, particularly for pre-packed product

3. An appropriate variety

  • This should be selected to produce an appropriate range of sizes