Non-Chemical Growth Control in Protected Pot Plants


This project will further develop the technologies and approaches to enable deficit irrigation (DI) work to be scaled-up to deliver non-chemical growth control to 40,000+ poinsettia plants. Additional experiments will also provide unequivocal evidence of the benefits of precision irrigation (PI) and DI for height control, quality at dispatch and shelf-life potential of key pot and bedding species. Working with industry partners, the project will develop tools, approaches and technologies to deliver PI and DI in a range of production systems currently used by small-, medium- and large-scale protected pot and bedding growers.

Project code:
PO 022
01 June 2019 - 31 March 2022
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Project leader:
Dr Mark Else


PO 022_Annual Report_2021 PO 022_G_S_Annual Report_2021

About this project

  • To scale-up the precision and deficit irrigation treatments to deliver non-chemical growth control to 40,000+ poinsettia at Neame Lea
  • To carry out statistically robust experiments on a commercial nursery to quantify the effects of deficit irrigation on poinsettia growth, quality and shelf-life potential
  • To develop precision and deficit irrigation treatments for the non-chemical growth control of pot bedding crops
  • To develop technologies, tools and approaches to deliver Precision Irrigation in different growing systems (e.g. capillary matting)
  • To establish criteria to objectively assess quality at dispatch, after distribution and during shelf-life for a range of poinsettia and pot bedding varieties
  • To assemble a Project Exploitation Sub Group (PESG) to plan and deliver exploitation activities, and to identify opportunities for transfer of knowledge expertise and technologies between AHDB sectors