Review of research on non water-based approaches to control of potato common scab


The review is divided into two parts:

  1. the taxonomy and biology of common scab initiating Streptomyces species is described (based on the information available in 2004). Although the causal organism has been referred to as Streptomyces scabies (renamed as Streptomyces scabiei), there are a number of Streptomyces species associated with the disease. Their association with different symptoms and their differing biology are described.
  2. the non-water control measures, which fall into 12 categories, are discussed. 

A workshop was held at FERA (formerly CSL) as part of the review process, to obtain industry views on the document. Comments form the meeting were subsequently incorporated into the review. The review concluded that improved control of common scab pathogens is likely to depend on efficient and cost effective integration of existing measures, rather than the introduction of completely novel measures.

A supplement to the original review was produced in 2005. It includes information on the potential for the use of manganese to control common scab, possible biocontrol agents and the effect of organic ammendments on common scab control. 

Project code:
01 March 2004 - 30 June 2004
AHDB Potatoes
Project leader:
John Elphinstone


R248 Common Scab Review 2004_0 R248 Supplement To Common Scab Review_0

About this project

To review the non-water based control options for potato common scab.