SCEPTREplus: Asparagus

Control options for asparagus beetle

  • Crop Group: Field vegetables – asparagus
  • Target: Asparagus beetle
  • Period: June 2017 – June 2018

All of the products tested were effective against asparagus beetle larvae. There were only small differences between conventional insecticides and bio-insecticides.

Adults were more difficult to kill. All of the bio-insecticides and the standard control option, cypermethrin, were largely ineffective.

Of the conventional insecticides, initial mortality was greater with AHDB9965 and AHDB9969. However, after 6 days, there was no statistically significant difference between these two products and Benevia, Tracer and Steward.


  • All of the 12 treatments controlled larvae effectively
  • Conventional treatments tended to act more quickly than the bio-insecticides and killed a greater proportion of the larvae. However, all treatments increased mortality to greater than 80%.

Adult beetles

  • With no direct contact action, the adults were more difficult to kill. This is likely to be the case with field application as adult beetles are so mobile.
  • Two treatments (ADDB9965 and AHDB9969) increased mortality after one day compared with the untreated control
  • Four treatments (Benevia, AHDB9966, Tracer and Steward) increased mortality after four days
  • None of the bio-insecticides significantly increased mortality after six days
  • The most effective treatments (Tracer and AHDB9969) increased mortality to greater than 80% after six days

Asparagus beetle - final SCEPTREplus trial report

Asparagus herbicide screening: inter-row and postharvest


EAMU applications should be made for inter-row use of AHDB 9840 and AHDB 9976 to expand the range of actives available. This would improve weed control and reduce risk of resistance development. 


The use of emerger 1.75 L/ha, AHDB 9977, AHDB 9990 or AHDB 9974 are not currently authorised for use in asparagus. By the conclusion of the trial, all showed lasting efficacy as post-harvest treatments without any persistent phytotoxic effects and would be valuable additions to growers' weed control options.  

Asparagus herbicide inter-row: final report

Asparagus herbicide post-harvest: final report