SCEPTREplus: Narcissus

Control of Fusarium basal rot

  • Crop: Narcissus
  • Target: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. narcissi
  • Period: Oct 2019 - Jul 2020

New actives compatible with hot water treatments to prevent F. oxysporum f. sp. Narcissi (FON) are urgently needed following recent withdrawals. This trial aimed to identify chemical and biological crop protection products.  


The trials identified two fungicides that provided effective control of Fusarium basal rot of Narcissus. The two coded products AHDB 9820 and AHDB 9819 could provide a new opportunity for disease management as part of hot water treatments. AHDB 9819 I particularly reduced disease incidence by approx. 90%.  

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Control of White Mould and Smoulder in Narcissus

  • Crop: Narcissus
  • Target: White Mould (Ramularia vallisumbrosae) and Smoulder (Botryotinia narcissicola)
  • Period: Jan - July 2019

White mould and smoulder represent a significant disease risk to UK narcissus production. Both diseases occur shortly following leaf/stem emergence, affecting both the foliage and flowers. This results in a loss of marketable flower yield estimated at 5% and a reduction in bulb yield of up to 10%. A field-based trial located in Cornwall was set up to identify alternative chemical and biological treatments to effectively manage these diseases.


All test products reduced white mould and smoulder incidence and/or severity. There were four coded products that gave the best control of both diseases and they were comparable with the industry standard Tracker. 

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Narcissus post-cropping season herbicide screening

  • Crop: Narcissus
  • Target: Broadleaved weeds and grasses
  • Period: March 2018 - April 2019

The objective of this trial was to identify crop safe herbicides for post-harvest weed control in narcissus, aiming to expand the options available to rowers, avoiding the risk of resistance to the available actives developing. This work included both approved and potential new actives, which may be used to supplement the currently available chemistry, including offering a replacement for linuron.


All treatments tested appear suitable to take forward to further trials, as well as warranting investigation for EAMU authorisation. Further assessment to examine treatment efficacy is recommended.

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Dormant season herbicide screening

  • Crops: Narcissus
  • Target: Broadleaf weeds and grasses
  • Oct 2017 - April 2018

As with the post-cropping season herbicide trials, the trial aimed to identify alternative safe herbicides for use during the dormant season to prevent resistance build up. 


All treatments tested appeared crop safe and suitable to take forward for further trials, as well as warranting investigation for EAMU authorisation. Further trials to assess efficacy is recommended. 

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