SCEPTREplus trials

About the trials

All trials will be carried out to following ORETO standards. Once products have been tested for efficacy and crop safety, the results will be able to be used to support approvals and link in with the EAMU programme to generate new approvals.

Where appropriate, we will again be taking a model crop approach to trials, then extrapolate the data on to other crops. This is to improve efficiencies and to make sure each crop sector is getting the most value from SCEPTREplus. 

SCEPTREplus will work closely with other research trials being funded by AHDB and other industry research to make sure we are building on and sharing existing knowledge. This will ensure there is no duplication of research and to maximise the value. The results from the biopescticide trials within AMBER and the extensive AHDB fruit research programmes will be of particular value to SCEPTREplus. 

Growers are encouraged to contact the project team to discuss and inform all trial priorities within SCEPTREplus. Contact

Pest control trials for SCEPTREplus

Weed control trials for SCEPTREplus

Disease control trials for SCEPTREplus