Cereals & Oilseeds

21 December 2021

Anne Bhogal, an ADAS soil scientist, explains how a soil health scorecard is being used to assess the impact crop management has on the biological, chemical and physical properties of soil.

10 December 2021

Discover how a structured way to monitor changes to soil health is being delivered by a five-year research programme.

1 December 2021

Management practices that improve soil health are at the heart of future government incentives for arable farmers. But what are the practical steps that you can take?

1 December 2021

Over the last 2 years we have used catch or cover crops as part of the on-farm trials programme at the Strategic Farm East and the Strategic Farm West. The effects of these on soil structure, nutrient capture, water quality, nutrient release and ease of establishment for the next crop have been assessed.

1 December 2021

Strategic Farm West, East and Scotland all decided to look at different adaptations to test whether a managed approach to lowering inputs can be used

1 December 2021

Trials at Strategic Farm East and Strategic Farm West have been investigating whether flower strips in the field or at the field edge can encourage beneficials, while Strategic Farm Scotland has been baselining the prevalence of pests and beneficials across the mixed farm.

1 December 2021

Over 2 years various physical and financial assessments have been carried out to develop a methodology to help answer this question at a practical farm level.

1 December 2021

A video featuring host, Brian Barker, and research highlights from harvest 2021

30 November 2021

Can insecticide use be reduced with in-field flower strips? Strategic Farm Results Week Nov 2021

12 November 2021

With artificial fertiliser costs high and Farming Rules for Water limiting the autumn use of muck, we look at how optimise the use of these organic materials in arable crops.

4 November 2021

Learn how pest management rests on a rapidly developing, variable and complex set of alternative solutions.

1 November 2021

College and University lecturers day (2021) - session 3 focus on arable and business