26 April 2024

Nutrient management recommendations for field grown hardy nursery stock (HNS)

8 December 2023

Trials at the Cut Flower Centre in 2021 and 2022 investigated the potential for Tanacetum to be grown as a UK crop and demonstrated the range of varieties currently available for cut flower production.

26 April 2023

downy mildew on a stock leaf

1 March 2023

Find more detailed information on the best management practices for improving stand longevity and yield improvements for asparagus.

24 March 2023

Reviewing conventional agronomy practices and considering best management practices for your crop, can significantly improve soil health and asparagus yields.

26 October 2023

Read about the SmartHort programme - managing labour efficiencies, labour shortages, lean principles, and emerging technology, innovation and robotics for horticulture

10 January 2024

Find our collection of research, resources and information on peat including reducing peat use, managing growing media formulations and tips for going peat free.

14 October 2022

Strawberry fruit

14 October 2022

Apples growing in an orchard

2 March 2023

The Potatoes Board has ended, and the Horticulture Board continues to oversee the wind down of the sector and EAMUs.

10 May 2024

Index of the levy-funded research projects and information on protected and outdoor leafy salads.