30 June 2022

Index of the levy-funded research projects on mushrooms. Includes information on pests and diseases, nutrient management and other topics.

Find a complete list of all the horticulture information factsheets produced from AHDB funded research and development work.

28 April 2021

Use this database to check the impact of different active ingredients in plant protection products on beneficial insects

30 March 2021

Targets confirmed for final year of plant protection product trials in SCEPTREplus

4 November 2021

Latest views and analysis from AHDB technical experts on IPM strategies for horticulture

17 May 2021

Read the latest updates from researchers looking at new plant protection products for horticulture crops in our SCEPTREplus project

4 August 2022

The most recent extension of authorisations for minor use secured for plant protection products

11 February 2021

Read our findings on the best disease management strategies for Trichoderma aggressivum

11 February 2021

See recommendations for preventing, monitoring and reacting quickly to evidence of fungal disease.

11 February 2021

Read about Wet Bubble symptoms, learn how the disease spreads and what steps to take to minimise your crop damage.

10 February 2021

Find out how to prevent Brown Cap Mushroom Virus, get recommendations on monitoring crops and learn about managing the disease.