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21 February 2022

Storage practices to minimise blackleg and soft rots in seed potatoes

21 February 2022

Managing the risk of blackleg and soft rot in potatoes

23 March 2022

Index of levy-funded research projects & reports on blackleg and soft rot in potatoes

26 August 2021

Routes of Pectobacterium atrosepticum (Pba) contamination of high-grade seed potatoes

4 August 2021

Application of machine learning to improve the prediction of blackleg (Pectobacterium atrosepticum) disease risk in potatoes

26 August 2021

Understanding the enzymes and pathways involved in soft rotting of potatoes caused by bacterial pathogens (2009-2012)

26 August 2021

Use of disease diagnostics for a better understanding of potato seed stock contamination and blackleg control (2001-2004)

26 August 2021

Haulm destruction and blackleg in seed potato production (2011)

1 February 2022

Impact of haulm destruction method on development of disease in seed potato crops (2011-2012)

2 February 2022

Understanding the biology of the bacterial pathogen Dickeya solani and its potential to affect GB potato production (2010-2013)

26 August 2021

Improved seed potato management to minimise losses due to blackleg (2017-2020)