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17 November 2020

Effective and consistent management of swede midge depends on an integrated pest management (IPM) approach.

17 November 2020

Find out how to identify and detect swede midge in your brassica crops and explore possible control options.

23 May 2022

The onion thrips (Thrips tabaci) is a pest of several crops in the UK, particularly leek, salad onion and stored cabbage. This factsheet is aimed at summarising best available knowledge on biology and control of onion thrips in outdoor crops. It aims to provide guidelines on cultural, chemical and integrated control of thrips.

30 June 2022

This best-practice guide covers the 13 main diseases of horticultural brassicas that cause economic losses to growers in the UK.

14 June 2019

Diamondback moths arrive in large numbers in the UK

13 February 2019

Control options, symptoms and action points for controlling black rot in brassicas