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13 October 2021

The effect of temperature on potato tuber respiration

13 October 2021

Reduced energy storage - to minimise the carbon footprint associated with storage of GB potato crops

27 June 2019

This case study summarises the benefits of using StoreCheck, an audit service provided by the AHDB and designed to help understand the true cost of running a store.

29 June 2022

This factsheet brings together the findings of past research projects on energy saving in poinsettia production, and outlines how growers could apply these findings to reduce their energy costs.

28 June 2022

Tools, resources and research reports on potato storage

29 November 2021

Infographic from 2007 providing 12 steps that help to achieve an energy efficient store

29 November 2021

Benefits of monitoring energy use in potato stores: case studies from 2008