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4 March 2022

Index of research projects and reports on water management, bruising and common scab in potatoes

8 March 2022

Index of levy-funded research projects & reports on common scab in potatoes

23 June 2021

Caring for systems and being inventive about where the energy comes from is important when improving efficiency.

23 June 2021

Consider the primary energy drivers for irrigation systems and your core equipment, including pumps and pipes.

23 June 2021

Read about using control, containment and counting for an efficient irrigation system.

7 December 2020

Application of regulated deficit irrigation at Staplehurst Nurseries for ornamental plants

4 March 2022

Publications and research reports on potato production, crop protection and potato agronomy

21 June 2022

This factsheet highlights factors to consider, the optimum timings for irrigating crops and the potential drawbacks of irrigation of vining peas

24 May 2022

Read about how Biobeds offer a safe and efficient method of disposal of pesticides.

25 November 2021

This factsheet describes the chemical and physical properties of irrigation water of relevance to ornamental plant production, including bedding plants, pot plants and hardy ornamentals. Water hardness, conductivity levels and a range of potential impurities and their effects are outlined and appropriate corrective measures summarised.

15 July 2020

Irrigation systems for potato crops - efficiency and cost

23 March 2022

Learn how you can use irrigation to reduce common scab, depending on your potato variety.