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23 March 2022

Proficiency testing (2015) of GB laboratories offering PCN testing services

23 March 2022

Index of levy-funded research projects & reports on the control of nematode pests in potatoes

17 February 2022

Resources for the control and management of PCN in potato crops

11 August 2021

Pyramiding resistances to potato cyst nematodes to produce potato cultivars with durable and broad-spectrum resistance

26 January 2022

Research report on field trials to assess the effectiveness of biofumigation for PCN management

31 January 2022

Research report (2009) on trials to evaluate drip irrigation as a delivery system for nematicides and the control of nematode pests in potatoes

18 August 2021

Research report (2009) on factors affecting the decline of PCN populations

16 September 2021

Impact of the loss of pesticides due to regulatory changes (2009)

4 February 2022

Of all pests and diseases of potatoes in Great Britain, infestation by potato cyst nematodes (PCN), or eelworms, is the most damaging. Yield losses depend on pest populations, soil type and potato variety, with a range of 1–35% in trials, with infestations at 10–20 eggs per gram of soil. The guide summarises the options for managing the pest.