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13 July 2022

Index of the levy-funded research projects on strawberry

16 June 2021

Chemical control options for aphids in strawberry

17 June 2021

There are a number of biological control options open to commercial strawberry growers, including predators and parasitoids. Find out more about how to use these in this section.

17 June 2021

Learn more about the cultural and natural control options available when managing aphids in strawberry.

16 June 2021

From controlling aphids using natural methods to chemical control, our information can help you to use an integrated pest management (IPM) approach.

16 June 2021

Familiarise yourself with the different aphid species and the damage symptoms they cause to strawberries.

16 June 2021

From strawberry crinkle virus to mild yellow edge virus, find out which aphid species cause which kind of crop damage and when.

16 June 2021

Find out about the biology and life cycle of different types of aphids on strawberry.

24 May 2022

This guide has been produced to provide soft fruit growers with an easy reference to get the most out of their biocontrol use within an integrated crop management system

13 October 2021

Learn about how Botrytis infects strawberry and how to manage and control it.

3 September 2020

Western flower thrips (WFT) cause significant financial losses for strawberry growers in the United Kingdom. This factsheet provides information on the pest, the damage it causes to strawberries and the results AHDB research and a study of control in commercial strawberry production sites, which have led to a series of control guidelines.

23 September 2021

This factsheet summarises the results of a Defra Horticulture LINK project to develop novel approaches to controlling pests and diseases in strawberry