Strawberry resources

AHDB Horticulture funded an extensive programme of research on many aspects of commercial Strawberry production. The available reports and resources are listed below. 


Calendar of common pests of strawberry


Aphid pests of strawberry and their control

A review of novel and alternative approaches to aphid control on soft fruit

Poster: different aphid pests of strawberry, cane fruit and bush fruit

Research project SF 061: Predators and parasitoids to control aphids in protected strawberry cultivation

Research project SF 140: Control of potato aphid (Macrosiphum euphorbiae) on strawberry in spring

Mammal pests

Managing rabbit problems associated with horticulture

Rodent control on farms

Spotted wing drosophila (SWD)

Disposing of fruit waste affected by spotted wing drosophila

Spotted wing drosophila hub - information on identification, monitoring, management and more

‘Good Vibrations’ – Developing and testing the efficacy of biotremology as a control strategy to disrupt mating/reproductive success in Lygus rugulipennis and Drosophila suzukii in strawberry

Review of parasitoids of spotted wing drosophila (SWD) in the UK

Research project CP 142: Enhancing control of the soft- and stone-fruit pest Drosophila suzukii (Spotted Wing Drosophila) by exploiting its activity patterns in the field (Studentship)

Research project CP 171: The use of highly attractive yeast strains for controlling Drosophila suzukii (spotted wing drosophila)

Research project CP 205: WP3 Bait sprays to control SWD

Research project SF/TF 145: Understanding and developing methods for managing spotted wing drosophila (SWD) in the UK - vital research to maintain the viability of the UK fruit industry

Research project SF/TF 145a: Development and implementation of season long control strategies for Drosophila suzukii in soft and tree fruit

Strawberry blossom weevil

Strawberry blossom weevil factsheet

Tarnished plant bugs/capsids

European tarnished plant bug on strawberries and other soft fruits

Biology and identification of the tarnished plant bug in field crops

Research Project Sf 095: Chemical control and timing of application of insecticides for control of the capsid, Lygus rugulipennis on strawberry

Research projject PC/SF 276: Pheromone technology for management of capsid pests to reduce pesticide use in horticultural crops

Tarsonemid mites

Tarsonemid mite on strawberry

Research project SF 124: Development and validation of a molecular diagnostic test for strawberry tarsonemid mite

Research project SF 125: Evaluation of acaricides and adjuvants for strawberry tarsonemid mite control

Research project SF 133: Optimising tarsonemid control on strawberry using predatory mites


A review of different thrips species and their control on strawberry

Western flower thrips control in strawberry

Five ways to control western flower thrips in strawberry crops

Alternative thrips species to WFT damaging strawberry

Management of pesticide-resistant western flower thrips on tunnel grown strawberry

Research project SF 120: Biological, semiochemical and selected chemical management for insecticide resistant western flower thrips on protected strawberry

Research project SF 146: New bio-control agents for Western Flower Thrips on protected strawberry

Vine weevil

Vine weevil control in soft fruit crops

Research project CP 111: A review of vine weevil knowledge in order to design best-practice IPM protocols suitable for implementation in UK horticulture

Research project SF 103: Evaluation of Metarhizium anisopliae for control of black vine weevil larvae in field grown strawberries

Research project SF 135: Genetics of resistance to Verticillium wilt in strawberry

Research Project SF/HNS 112: Evaluation of insecticides and insecticide mixtures for control of adult vine weevil

Research project SF/HNS 127: Characterising vine weevil aggregation pheromone for use in traps at soft fruit and nursery sites

Integrated pest management and biocontrol

Biocontrol in Soft Fruit Guide

Integrated pest management

Video: IPM Approaches to aphid and capsid control in strawberry 2021

Strawberry crop walkers' guide

Research Project SF 094: Minimising pesticide residues in strawberry through integrated pest, disease and environmental crop management

Research Project SF 104: Biopesticide product gap analysis and evaluation to support development policy for biopesticides for use in integrated soft fruit production

Research project SF 114: Development of temperature degree-based models to predict pest development on strawberry for optimisation of control strategies

Research project SF 115: The identification of over-wintering predatory mites in raspberry and strawberry, and investigation of the potential for on-farm production

Research project SF 156: Improving integrated pest management in strawberry

Research project SF 174: Improving integrated pest management in soft fruit crops


Research project SF 157: Improving integrated disease management in strawberry

Angular leaf spot

Angular leaf spot and bacterial leaf blight - two new notifiable strawberry plant diseases


Control of grey mould in strawberry crops

Research project CP 140: Optimising the use of biocontrol agents to improve the control of Botrytis cinerea in key vegetable and fruit crops (Studentship)

Erwinia pyrifoliae

A review of Erwinia pyrifoliae: the causal agent of a new bacterial disease on strawberry

Mucor and Rhizopus

Research Project SF 098: Sustainable management of Mucor and Rhizopus in strawberry and raspberry

Powdery mildew

Soft rot

Research project SF 098: Sustainable management of Mucor and Rhizopus in strawberry and raspberry

Strawberry crown rot

Strawberry crown rot

Research project SF 099: Sustainable control of crown rot (Phytophthora cactorum) in strawberry

Research project SF 121: Evaluation of products for control of crown rot in strawberry


Weed management in container-grown soft fruit

Research Project SF 091: Strawberry: Evaluation of herbicides for use in bed systems

Research project SF 151: Investigating rates and application timing of carfentrazone-ethyl (Shark) as a dormant season herbicide on strawberry


Beneficial insects

A review: Impacts of wildflower interventions on beneficial insects in fruit crops

Extending the growing season

Extending the season of strawberry production using a range of plant types and growing systems


GrowSave - a knowledge exchange programme helping protected cropping growers to save energy and reduce costs.

Understanding energy influences for UK soft fruit production

Food safety

How to keep fresh produce safe to eat

Monitoring microbial food safety of fresh produce

Video: Webinar - Disinfecting irrigation water for use on fresh produce

Video: Webinar - Microbials - Keeping it clean

Video: Webinar - Managing risk in the production of uk fresh produce: webinar


Video: Becoming a champion soft fruit picker

Labour and skills

Edible horticulture skills survey

Video: Webinar - Operating in a reduced labour market

Video: Webinar - Using LEAN techniques to improve labour efficiency in horticulture

Video: Webinar - Using your time effectively

Nutrient management

Principles of strawberry nutrition in soilless substrates

RB209 Section 7 Fruit, vines and hops

Introduction to fertigation

Strawberry nutrient analysis wall chart

Research Project SF 107: Managing water, nitrogen and calcium inputs to optimise flavour and shelf-life in soil-less strawberry production

Plant stress

Research project SF 144: Early detection of stress in strawberry plants using novel image analysis techniques


Reducing residues in strawberries through novel crop protection methods

Research project SF 094: Minimising pesticide residues in strawberry through integrated pest, disease and environmental crop management


Winter protection of soilless substrate grown strawberries

Understanding and measuring conductivity in soilless substrate grown soft fruit crops

Research project SF 107: Managing water, nitrogen and calcium inputs to optimise flavour and shelf-life in soil-less strawberry production

Research project SF 108: Improving strawberry plant establishment in re-used beds

Research project SF 152: Improving the consistency of fruit quality in substrate-grown June-bearer strawberry varieties

Varieties and breeding

New varieties from the East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club

East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club

Research Project SF 092a: New strawberry varieties for commercial UK production

Research Project SF 096a: East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club (EMSBC)

Research project CP 163: Next generation berries- implementing genome wide selection approaches

Research Project SF 128: To assess the suitability and productivity of newly released June-bearing strawberry varieties and near-market selections in substrate culture

Research Project SF 128a: To assess the performance of new June-bearing strawberry varieties and advanced selections in a commercial UK substrate production system over two harvest periods

Research project SF 152: Improving the consistency of fruit quality in substrate-grown June-bearer strawberry varieties


Establishing a resilient water supply

Protecting the water supply for your crops

Water harvesting and recycling in soft fruit

Research project SF 083: Improving water use efficiency and quality in field-grown strawberry

Research project SF 136: Improving water and fertiliser use efficiencies and fruit quality in commercial substrate strawberry production

WET centre

The Wet Centre - irrigation best practice and precision approaches to pest and disease control

WET Centre: key findings up to 2022

Video: WET Centre – Precision technology developments in 2021


Video: How row position affects strawberry yields

Video: Why bag colour influences yield of strawberries