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15 November 2021

Research project to evaluate aphid management options in seed potato crops

17 November 2021

Research report on the impact of reducing the number of traps on the performance of an aphid monitoring scheme

12 November 2021

Research repots on the AHDB Potatoes aphid monitoring scheme

22 October 2021

Guidance for effective control of a range of diseases in the production of cyclamen.

31 January 2022

Research review (2006) of information on free-living nematode vectors of TRV in potatoes

21 June 2021

Read about grower site two's secondary outbreak of ToBRFV

21 June 2021

Read about the experiences of a ToBRFV outbreak from 3 UK growers, the lessons learned and improved biosecurity measures implemented as a result.

11 February 2021

These provide information on the symptoms, detected and management of Mushroom Virus X

12 August 2020

The following lists the ‘best practice’ hygiene and biosecurity procedures identified from the study tours in Europe and Israel.

7 August 2020

Read about standard recommended hygiene practices that should be integrated into your horticultural business.

16 March 2021

Learn about how tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) is spread, which plants are susceptible hosts and the key symptoms to look out for.

22 February 2021

Find out about UK and international outbreaks, and what to do in the event of an outbreak.